Located a short distance east along the tracks from the passenger station is the Potter Place freight house. This building is 60′ 6″ by 25′. A loading platform runs the length of the building along the adjacent spur track. Two sliding doors on the track side of the building provide access for transfer of goods to and from freight cars. A loading dock on the west end of the building provides for receipt and delivery of shipments.

An office space of 5′ 9″ by 25′ is partitioned off at the east end of the building. In this area is located a brick chimney and evidence of a heating stove (no longer present).

This building has hardly changed since the early 1900s. Examination of the roof beams shows that the building had been widened at some earlier time, perhaps to enlarge a previous structure.

The Andover Historical Society acquired this freight house in 2003 as a gift from the R.P. Johnson family, who owned a building supply company in Andover for three generations. The Society is adapting the large and open interior in this building to provide exhibition space for some of the larger and bulkier historic artifacts in its collection, such as agricultural machinery and tools.